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Cosmic Chains is a dueling card game where players compete to provide the best internet connection to Earth by building the longest satellite chain in orbit.

Both players have identical decks of 15 cards with either Cats or Blobots, 3 of these cards on their hand, and only one action to spend each turn. There are also 3 types of satellites that must be properly connected to give the maximum Victory Points at the end of the game. Players can launch satellites, swap them with the adjacent ones in their chain, and use powerful effects to gain a tactical advantage or disrupt their opponent's plans.

Cosmic Chains offers an unlimited number of ways to create mind-blowing combos and chain reactions, as well as 3 combinable modes for different levels of immersion: symmetrical starting positions (base game), asymmetrical starting positions (Superpowers), and hidden objectives with more ways to earn Victory Points (Space Debris).
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Cosmic Chains
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“For me, the theme is a double win, space and cats...what's not to love?!”
Intense & Tactical Gameplay
Create powerful combos and chain reactions to sabotage your opponent and gain tactical advantage.
Fair & Smooth Symmetry
A head-to-head battle with identical card decks—gameplay where each choice matters.
Looks Unique
on Your Table
The game features an unusual system of stackable cards you interact with throughout the whole game. We call this “chain-building.”
Embrace the Variability
The Superpowers mode adds asymmetrical starting positions that impact your playing style. And the Space Debris mode offers hidden objectives and additional ways to gain actions for more depth.
Top-Quality Components & Art
Acrylic tokens, a custom tray, and black core cards with exceptional illustrations of chunky cats and
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